Dear Sir/Ma,

Your products are very nice and good quality.
Our former supplier referred us to your company and we want to make an order immediately as we have branches in Asia & Europe.

Please can you send more samples or catalogs to us with your best price so we can prepare our order specification and forward to you because our customers are already demanding for your products.

Your early response will be much appreciated!

Best Regards,

Anthony Brigab
Sales & Purchase Manager
Global World Co. Ltd


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New Purchase Order  

Dear Sir,

Our new supplier always speak good and high of your products.

Please can you deliver to our market within 2 weeks if we place immediate order from you?

Kindly revert back to me with some catalogs or more information on your products and payment terms to my sales email : purchase111@mahon-enterprises.ml

Best Regards,

Gabriel Pret
Sales / Purchase Manager



Order Enquiry!!  

Dear Sir

We are interested to Purchase your product, i got your contact information from 2 of our reliable customers.

Please revert back to us with the following below:-

- Your minimum order quantity.

- Your FOB Prices and FOB Port.

- Your estimated delivery time.

We would place an URGENT order and send to you our PO specification upon receipt of your reply and catalogs to my email (sales.manager@philgranson-international.ml).

Awaiting your good feedback.

Thank you with my best Regards,

Giedrius Julio

Philgranson Interntnional Co. Ltd

Add:51A & 53B Fawcett Road


Country/Region: Indonesia

Province/State: Jakartar