Yoshida Cafe Bar 12th June. 吉田珈琲  

Today's my Cafe and bar. Two people visited. There is very good and kind person. That is Mr. Maeda Sumio and Mr. Jan Chris(JC).

I had a great time. It was very fun to conversation with JC and Sumio and my sons.

Please, you can join us.

Japanese or foreigner every people can join to my cafe.

Let's enjoy conversation with us. Then, we can expand your brain and mind.

That is very important thing for world peace. Because, we can understand the other person's thinking(idea).

Beyond the culture and religion and Color(Race), I think, This is world problem solution. I believe.

That is make a world peace. Any way we need effort to understand human being.

That is all.
That is my cafe's purpose and exist reason.

Thank you. See you next time.

Please join us. Surely very fun.





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