I like coffee. But...  医学情報

I like coffee. But...

Coffee is include caffeine. Caffeine is drug. There is a dependence. Caffeine is extremely tense your sympathetic system. And your parasympathetic system will no longer work. 
In short, You become get sick. You will be the future disease.

Some researchers said coffee have a include polyphenols. So, coffee is good for the health. This is a lie. Behind the truth. Nicholas Money, a prominent microbiologist said.

"Caffeine will destroy the intestinal flora."

80 percent of the human immunity can be found in the intestinal immune plexus.
And causing a chronic on pharyngitis, chronic inflammation in the mouth, leaky gut syndrome. This condition has been associated with everything disease.

So, I said "If you want to drink a coffee, You need to buy raw beans of coffee. And you need to roast the coffee on their own.

Then, you should grind at the beans and drink as soon. So, you are not drink oxidized coffee. You will drink alkaline of coffee. It is healthy."

Of course, too much drink a coffee is no good. Sometimes drink a coffee is OK.

This is my coffee roaster.


It will brew the coffee over time. It is the luxury of time for me. I'm very busy everyday. So, I think that Is a necessary time.







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