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Jun 04 2008
Is it OK to mix a dosage of MMS for my cattle and pour it over two handfuls of grain so that he eats it immediately?


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I have a head of cattle that has a bad infection on the back of it’s rear leg. It has swollen up pretty bad. His weight is about 1700-2000 lbs. I have been giving him 150 drops twice a day. The question is… Is it OK to mix up the MMS, wait the 3 minutes and then pour it over two handfuls of grain (feed) so that he eats it immediately? He then generally takes a nice big drink of water (about 5 gallons). Let me know what you think about this “pouring the MMS over a couple of hand fulls of grain”.


Dear Martin, I think it is best for you to give it to your cattle in the water. Remember, for animals give 3 drops of MMS for every 25 pounds of body weight. When mixing MMS, let say your cattle weights 1700 pounds, that would be 204 MMS drops with 1020 drops of citric acid, wait 3 minutes and pour that to the animal’s water. The cattle can drink it throughout the day. What you can also do is spray some in its infected area. To do this, take a 2 oz bottle, add 20 drops of MMS, mix it with 100 drops of citric acid, wait 3 minutes and pour it to the 2 oz bottle; add some water to that solution then spray the affected area. Let me know how everything goes. Visit for the book and DVD and for more info.


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