Happy Massage Ceramics  

I am very happy to inform you that the following Massage Ceramics
would be very useful in order to enjoy healthful life.
Many persons feel that blood circulation would be promoted well
after they apply Massage Ceramics to their bodies.


Massage Ceramics utilizing far infrared rays and minus ions :
Original material : Carbonized ceramics and weathered coral
Slim beauties like applying Massage Ceramics to their bodies
to become more beautiful.
About 120,000 pcs will be consumed by only 1,000 persons for only 30 days.
(4 pcs X 30 days X 1,000 persons = 120,000 pcs)


Sapsheet made in Japan  

If you are much interested in winning big success in business,
you had better note that each 2 pcs of sapsheets (footpatch) are consumed
per day by the persons who are interested in enjoying healthful life
and that total about 730,000 pcs ones are consumed by only 1,000 fans
for only 1 year. (2 pcs X 365 days X 1,000 persons = 730,000 pcs per year)

You can purchase many kinds of sapsheets made in Japan from the factory
at low cost.
Considering your kindly request, the factory (omitakashi3@aol.com)
can produce what you need.
You can promote the business in your market freely
based upon your own brand policy and business tactics.

Minus ions 1,689 pcs per cc are emitted.
Ingredients :
Tourmaline, Wood vinegar, Bamboo vinegar,
Houttuynia cordata, Japanese medlar, Chitosan, Vitamin C
Dietary fiber, Dextrin, Starch, Maltose


Happy diet business  

There are many many slim Japanese women who have beautiful skin.
They enjoy happy bath time by wearing the Sauna dietwear.
They are much satisfied with Happy diet without hard exercise.


On the other hand, there are many many women in your country
who are much interested in losing weight and beautifying skin
without hard exercise.
If you introduce the Japanese happy diet to them, you will be
respected greatly by them.
Of course, you will win success in the field of diet business.
First come, first served !



Happy diet (2)  

I am much surprised at the fact that lots of Japanese women have great zeal
to become slim and have beautiful skin.
They are much surprised at the fact that the Sauna dietwear eliminates more
sweat than their imagination.
They feel that the power of Germanium and Tourmaline would help to eliminate
sweat and waste material from human bodies.
They like wearing the Sauna dietwear when they enjoy happy bath time.




Happy diet (loss weight)  

We Japanese like taking bath to get rid of stress and tiredness everyday
and live longest all over the world.
We enjoy using many kinds of bathing powder including Germanium and Tourmaline
when we take bath.
Germanium and Tourmaline products fans are interested in the following matters.

1) Blood circulation and metabolism would be promoted.
2) Human immunity function would be increased.
3) Human physiological function would be normalized.

It seems that lots of my friends have succeeded in losing weight by using
the Sauna dietwear making use of minus ions and far infrared rays.
Much Germanium and Tourmaline are kneaded into the Sauna dietwear.
Wearing the Sauna dietwear for about 10 minutes makes them sweat
as if they run over 30km.




Health is above wealth !  

Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare in Japan have expressed on Jul.26.2007 officially that the average life span of the Japanese males is 79.0 and the females is 85.81.
We Japanese live longest all over the world. How happy we are !

Male No.1 Iceland 79.4 No.2 Japan 79.0 No.3 Hong Kong 78.8
Female No.1 Japan 85.81 No.2 Hong Kong 84.6 No.3 Spain/Switzerland 83.9


You can purchase the dried Agaricus Blazei Murill grown in Japan
at low cost without any agricultural chemicals.

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