Missing teeth which specific performance conditions


?Missing teeth, a concrete manifestation of what the situation? Missing teeth, also known as malocclusion,zeta dental, caused by congenital or acquired genetic factors caused by environmental factors, mainly for missing teeth tooth malalignment, the upper and lower dental arch relationship between occlusal anomalies as well as size and shape of the jaw position abnormalities. Then the missing teeth of specific performance situation, dental equipment,what does? Then on the one thousand Tupperware oral (Ningbo) chain oral experts explain in detail for everyone. Missing teeth, a concrete manifestation of what the situation?
First, the gap normal dentition dentition dentition gap in the teeth a jostling, there is no gap between them. But some people but there are gaps in dentition. Such abnormalities are mostly too small stature teeth, but too large to accommodate teeth arch.dental instruments, Some people also suffer from periodontal disease long term, the state does not also appear normal occlusion front teeth gap, and this gap will become increasingly large, so that the four front teeth apart.
Second, crowded teeth, misaligned teeth missing mainly as malalignment, where to go out into. The reason is that the arch can accommodate alignment of teeth "place" is not enough, some of the teeth had to squeeze together. To a lesser extent the performance of individual teeth twist or skew, heavier on a small area overlap two or more dental occlusion, the most serious is that some of the teeth and other dental arch is extruded completely out of the groups.
Third, the next pocket teeth - Anti (occlusal) Under pocket teeth - Anti (occlusal Medicine General "under the tooth pocket" called an anti (occlusal). Mild anti-(occlusal), only one or two forward teeth located inside the lower front teeth, known as anti-individual teeth (occlusion). more serious anti-(occlusal) As long mandibular or maxillary hypoplasia caused. performance for most anterior crossbite (occlusal ), more prominent chin, from the body side, the face of a depression of the "crescent."
Fourth, tusk tusk deep cover - deep cover such wrong (occlusal) deformity showed prominent front teeth outward and obvious not naturally closed lips rope. Severe lower front teeth in the upper teeth bite inside the gums, where you can see a Paixia front teeth bite out of the teeth marks. Some people also significantly maxilla projecting forward, while others are short mandibular growth, reduction in the upper lip, chin looked back, the side face like a "bird-shaped face."
V. bimaxillary protrusion bimaxillary protrusion which refers to both the upper and lower dental arch and anterior teeth protrude forward, severe upper and lower lips can not naturally closed, the formation of "open lip grin," can meet the lower part of the side was prominent, some people there will be between the upper front teeth, large or small gap. Smile often make excessive gingival exposure, very beautiful.
Six, occlusal bite too deep and not on the bite too deep in medicine known as deep overbite (occlusion), expressed as excessive anterior teeth cover the lower front teeth, severe tooth on the lower teeth are completely covered on the inside, the former parties do not see lower front teeth. Not on the bite in medicine known as open (occlusion), the performance of the posterior teeth bite together when, still does not touch on the front teeth in the upper and lower teeth, a gap appears between. Obvious deformity may feel unable to use the front teeth to chew food.
Missing teeth, dental anomalies can be said that a relatively common phenomenon, the best way for missing teeth is corrected. One thousand Tupperware mouth (Ningbo) chain experts remind you to do regular dental orthodontics should go to hospital to be checked for treatment. So as to better protect your oral health.

What are the advantages beauty crown


?Amy wants beauty crown technology friends want to choose a good hospital for beauty crown technology, a good hospital in order to ensure beauty crown technology, experts say,dental scalers, the authority of the hospital for beauty crown technology is not only effective, but also a lot of advantage. So, what are the advantages of beauty crown? Here's look together!
What are the advantages beauty crown
Experts: First, make appropriate adjustments beauty crown askew teeth, fine sanding protruding parts 1-2 mm;Pulp Testing, Then in the original outsourcing to neat white teeth beauty crown, protecting the original teeth, a neat white teeth, and you're done, and implied. Star-like white teeth, you can easily have.
Cosmetic dental technology U.S. dental crown America beautiful, beauty crown orthodontic technology using the latest digital technology, accurate analysis of your dental morphology and disease,ultrasonic scaler, then using 3D positioning system by a professional cosmetic dentist for your dental plan to develop America, after forming teeth nice, like real teeth generally difficult to distinguish.
Beauty crown America safe painless tooth extraction is not: the use of painless technique, moving and beautiful teeth without root, completely relieve your concerns beauty and afraid of the pain, the whole process is done in a relaxed music. Beauty crown than the old era orthodontics porcelain teeth stronger tradition, the latest technology, paste technology, life does not fall off. Data analysis showed that after beauty through cosmetic dental crown can withstand at least 50 kg tension.
What are the advantages beauty crown?
Beauty crown without damaging the teeth, gums, alveolar bone morphology under the premise to do the teeth trimmed. One thousand Tupperware mouth (Ningbo) chain not only the introduction of advanced bionic beauty crown technology, but also the introduction of foreign colorimetric technology, according attenders different tooth color, tooth color through 29 levels of analogy, so that after forming the teeth reach Perfect color uniform, natural realism, year round to maintain the beautiful natural luster.